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Alien 5 Tie-in Game?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Toxic34, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Toxic34

    Toxic34 Recruit

    Jun 22, 2016
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    The Alien films have long been in a very diminished state of credibility since the infuriating Alien 3 destroyed everything the previous film achieved without any compelling groundwork to make it worthwhile. Resurrection and the AvP films only further contributed to this downward spiral. Games based on the films did no better for the longest time. Aliens vs Predator 2010 was very solidly done (and is fun to play), even if it's part of a teaming that has never made sense outside of comics. Aliens: Colonial Marines is an absolute clusterfuck of poor AI, subpar graphics, cardboard characters, and an incredibly illogical plot that requires a ludicrous amount of mental gymnastics to justify. (The patches and DLC that gives you Ripley's flamethrower/pulse rifle hybrid does make it enjoyable enough for me to keep playing it, even though it truly is just turd polishing and I only admittedly play it for the trainwreck effect).

    Things finally began to improve for fans of the series with the release of the ambitious prequel/branching off film Prometheus and the survival horror game Alien: Isolation. And then, while plans were underway for sequels to Prometheus, came the absolute best news for the series: the fact that famed director Neill Blomkamp would be making a new Alien film, set in an AU timeline where the events of 3 and Ressurrection did not occur. The Internet has been agog with the news and every development since.

    With that, I pose the question. Will we get a tie-in game with this film, when it comes out? After all, while Alien: Isolation went a long way in pleasing fans, especially in making the xenomorphs a credible threat in a game for the first time, I, like many, are eager for an FPS title with incredible run and gun action to reach the same heights that Isolation did. And it would be nice to tie it in with a film that will finally deliver what the fans have been wanting since Aliens came out in 1986.

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