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Multi [All Regions] The Void is Recruiting! Experienced Active CoD Clan



Join Our Discord Here: https://discord.gg/BQChaynbbw

Enter The Void, a Call of Duty gaming community built on fun and excitement. We have tournaments with cash and prizes, ranks, responsibilities, game nights, social nights, and so much more. We have over 6000 active members and growing!

Do you want people to play with? Apply Today!

Do you like to stream? Come on over!

Are you good with making profile pics and banners? Can you design merch? Come on over!

At The Void we can help you become what you want to be! We are growing everyday and need your help!

Our goal is to provide gamers with a family-orientated atmosphere, which includes a supportive and caring environment for gamers and players alike. Our mission is to give gamers a place they can call home.


  • Black Ops Cold War
  • Modern Warfare
  • World War II
  • Black Ops 4
  • Call of Duty: Warzone


The Void, which included Designs, Radio, and Gaming. The Void closed its doors back then. But now, we've returned with a new approach, and we're ready to take on the challenges ahead.

The Void offers a full ranking structure for members who seek leadership and wish to build up on their leadership skills. If someone wishes not to use the ranking structure, we do offer a basic Member rank. This is for the casual gamer. You are still considered a member of The Void and still placed in a Squad/Division, however you won't work your way up the ranking structure. If you change your mind down the road and wish to utilize the ranks, we can make that happen.

We offer opportunities for players to do more and be more - whether it's learning valuable leadership development skills, artistic and technical skills, networking and interpersonal techniques, or having someone to turn to when the struggle is too much. In joining The Void, you are joining a legacy. What will be your contribution to the legend?

We are a gaming community that values the concept of being a family and we have worked hard to make sure we have a place for everyone. We're established and active; consisting over 6,000+ active gamers from all around the world.

We are here to help gamers excel in the world of gaming and every other aspect of life. We aim to help gamers find new opportunities in gaming, as well as improve their gaming experience in an atmosphere built around friends, fun, and for the sake of creating good times with people from all parts of the world. We as a community are dedicated to expanding gamers' knowledge of gaming in order to help them reach their personal maximum potential in all types of games. This community is here to provide help for new and old gamers all around the world’s gaming community.


we think outside the box and do things different than other clans. For instance having pro and casual teams, other things include connecting members together to facilitate a family environment

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