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Alot to fix


Hi @Chachi0317, welcome to CoD:Forums, you can change your avatar and personalize your account if you click on your name at the top of the screen and then click the big letter C to modify the picture.

I hope you post often and stick around.

As for issues with the Beta, it is a Beta, long wait times might be down to relatively low numbers of players in comparison to CoD:MW and as for other bugs, it is a Beta, people that pre-ordered have essentially paid to test and find bugs for the devs, you're important to the future development of the game, but you should be getting something back, like a small stack of CP points, a Beta tester blueprint, or something along those lines, IMHO.


I think there is alot to fix lag time between reload is way to long and how is it I got shot did not die but could not shoot back
Yes I agree the reload is clunky,and slow,but the rest of your complaint seems to be lag on your end, or you are playing on a console. I havent had any issues with lag or anything to that affect.

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