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PC Angels of Death [AOD]




Clan AOD is a mature gaming community established in 1999, supporting 17+ other games made into divisions. Currently there are over 3,000 ACTIVE members, which means you never have to play alone anymore. We are a relaxed gaming community that would rather have a good time than be on top of the leader-boards (Not to say we can’t have both from time to time).

Well-run gaming communities can be that place that offers “the tribe” and even a family that fosters this environment of gaming and positivity. We’re there for our members, and we want them to feel safe and connected while they’re with us.

The clan is also active on Twitch and streams frequently showcasing our many supported games on most days of the week. We have opportunities for members interested in streaming for the clan as well. Here is our official channel: https://www.twitch.tv/clanaodstream/about

Follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/officialclanaod

There are games we support that are not supported on this website, for a full list of AOD Supported games please check out our list of divisions.



The Angels of Death is a time-tested organization, supporting over 56 major gaming titles in the past 15 years including classics like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and Swat 3.

We’ve lasted this long because of the tireless efforts of people who love gaming, and our community is as diverse as the games we play. AOD is truly a family, and we’ve never stopped growing!

Read the history of AOD


Chief among our priorities is maintaining a gaming atmosphere free of drama that all can enjoy. While winning is important to us, so is fair play, respect among members, and courtesy to our volunteer staff.

Read our Code of Conduct


  • Friendly members, we are always here to help with whatever we can
  • Members playing from around the world, always someone online
  • Fair play: zero tolerance for cheating/glitching or anything that gives you an unfair advantage over someone else
  • A mature community that likes to have fun
  • Stability - We have been here for a long time and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon

  • A dedicated Teamspeak server
  • Opportunity to be part of a team greater than any individual
  • Forum community supported by thousands of fellow AOD members
  • Opportunity for in clan promotions/advancement with a semi military ranking structure
  • Clan on Clan matches
  • Unlimited fun, anytime of day, with thousands of members, in any of the games we fully support
  • Discord Server for members, Text chat only


With each division running weekly events, the game you play will never feel the same. From races, custom matches, tournaments and karaoke nights you'll always have a good time wanting to come back! Here are some events the Call of Duty Division has run and continues to run

  • Game based events: Races, Custom Games, Tournaments
  • Pub Night
  • CDL Sundays
  • Call of Duty: All-Stars
  • Warzone Kill-a-Thon + Plunder-Thon Events
  • Body Count Challenge
  • Board Games & Trivia Nights
  • Poker Night
  • Skribbl.io Game Nights
  • And tons more!


  • Be Mature
  • Own a Mic
  • Be on TeamSpeak whenever you are ingame
  • Contribute to the forums regularly to show activity
  • Abide by the Code of Conduct

Create an Account & then click "Apply Here" to select the Call of Duty!
After you’ve applied, feel free to reply to this thread and introduce yourself!

https://www.clanaod.net/ <- Website create an account on

Join our Discord for more instructions and directions so that we may help you with your interests in AOD!

Check out what else AOD has to offer by browsing our site, read our history and view our supporting games


Division Calendar for the month of July!




Our Quarterly Tournament will be happening this Saturday August 29th! Game this time is "Protect the President!"
Will be taking place right after the Division Meeting. Look forward to seeing many of our new members there!

The AOD COD Division is having daily events during the Black Ops Cold War Open Beta period! Members are even being given an opportunity to win a copy of the game! This will be happening October 15th-19th. Information on how to find us, join, etc. can be found in the top post.

Also coming up on October 25th @ 3pm EST we are doing a Warzone Tournament with points gained by kills and wins.

Come check us out!
Hello spooky gamers! Are you enjoying the Haunting of Verdansk? Well over at Angels of Death we sure are and we'd love to have you come check us out!

Coming up this weekend is our weekly "pub" night where we get together and play custom game modes and have a laugh with each other. Being Halloween I can only suspect there will be some spooky themes going on.

See you in the warzone!

Angels Of Death is supporting Black Ops: Cold War

Hello everyone! sp3ak here from the AOD COD Division. Just wanted to let you know that we plan to support the upcoming BOCW game as well as continuing to support Warzone and the previous Modern Warfare title. We have upcoming events planned and plenty of Teamsp3ak channels to support whatever game mode you desire!

If you have any questions just let me know, cheers!

What's up gamers! AOD is supporting Nuketown 24/7!

If you're looking for a casual group within a well established community come check us out!

We are currently supporting Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War.

Here at the Angels of Death COD division we like to do more than just play COD. This weekend (Dec 13) we are hosting a Skribbl.io event just to kick back and have a laugh! We are also doing weekly "Pub" nights where we get together to play custom games including custom Warzone BR!

Come check us out at https://www.clanaod.net/
The Angels Of Death has some fun upcoming events! Some of the events include Strat Roulette, WarZone Sniper Tournament, Prop Hunt, and more! If you're interested in an organized, casual gaming group come check us out!

What's up gamers! sp3ak here from AOD to remind you that we are looking for people that want a well structured casual gaming group. We are currently supporting Cold War, WarZone, and Modern Warfare.

We've got some awesome upcoming events including WarZone Strat Roulette and Zombie Day!

Come check us out! See you at the LZ!

Angels Of Death is actively recruiting members for Call of Duty! We are currently support Warzone, Cold War, and Modern Warfare!​


Seems really promising
But I don’t own a computer I do have a laptop but I use that for my business/research plz message me id love to join if theirs some small form of competitive game play in normal matches I avoid leagues however because can’t find small dedicated teams and I just enjoy the simple
Concept of normal matches more than the concept of leagues


Hello team AOD, I just submitted an application to the Warzone Division! Long time CoD gamer seeking a solid community to play with. The roots of AOD brings me back to my days on the original title. Looking forward to chatting with you guys soon!

-Bizzzle (Mike B.)

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