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Anti Toxicity Efforts


So this may seem slightly controversial, but bear with me;

I am not a fan of the anti-toxicity implementations by COD because I actually find it funny

I'm sure that I am not the only one who enjoys some immature guy scream and cuss out the entirety of my team

It also reminds me of good ol COD, where everyone was toxic, mean, and annoying

I have seen what anti-toxicity efforts do: Rainbow Six Siege was once a game that I enjoyed, but now it is a nightmare with the anti toxic efforts, there is so much garbage and I cannot stand it
I really don't wanna see COD fall under the same umbrella

Sure some things can be offensive, racist, sexist, etc. but I think it shouldn't be interpreted so seriously, especially because people are entitled to their own views

So if you guys agree or disagree, I would like to hear it...tell me your reasoning behind agreeing or disagreeing
Here is the report


The Equalizer
I was actually seriously considering posting a similar comment..

As you, I find it laughable that TPTB would, on the one hand, take a stance of "anti-toxicity" AKA "Everyone Be Nice To Each Other" and then, on the other hand, provide a graphic where you can order your hyena to rip out someone's throat a'la Road House... :D

Maybe it's just me, but ripping out someone's throat sounds pretty "toxic" to me.. At least how I understand the term.. :D

But every large company these days is deathly afraid of the Cancel Culture so they will jump on any politically correct bandwagon available to show how "woke" they are...

Apparently, Activision is no different.. :D

Activision should follow the WWCPD mantra....

What Would Captain Price Do..

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