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Any AMD users?

Are there any AMD graphics users here? If so, do you overclock at all? My 3gb card isn't really up to it, even though the game runs smooth as sink. But the clarity isn't really there compared to cards with 6GBs+. So I am looking at overclocking the card some to try and help.


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Overclocking can produce a boost in performance but can also lead to a drop in stability, when done right you can gain an extra few frames per second, when done wrong, you games might crash unexpectedly so most likely you won't see a difference there! ;) (Sorry, I couldn't resist a little jab at Activision and the devs!!!)

Now, your issue, as identified by yourself in your opening post, is that you don't have enough VRAM, and overclocking won't find more VRAM for you, it will simply make your GPU work a bit faster. Your GPU would have been designed with 3GB VRAM as any more would have been wasted with the graphics processor on your card, so that's a design decision to balance costs without hurting performance.

The simple solution would be to wait until you can get a replacement graphics card, the less simple solution is to search YouTube for an overclocking guide for your GPU.
What I am trying to accomplish is a brighter, but not hazy looking game. As for a new card, have you seen the price of a 6GB card lately?


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You might be able to achieve that with screen calibration on your monitor or adjusting brightness, contrast, and colour settings in the graphics card control software.

Prices for graphics cards have already started to come down, hopefully, things will be back to MSRP in time for Santa to load up his sleigh.


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Does your TV support an input from a device with a variable frame rate?

Consoles are normalised to give you a fixed 30/60/120 frames per second, PCs are not. If you could get your PC to run at a fixed refresh rate the added input lag would make the game unplayable, unless your TV supports Adaptive Sync or FreeSync.

Calibrating the TV will help improve your image quality and if your TV doesn't support Active Sync or FreeSync then you can get a gaming monitor for a better gaming experience.

Try this guide:
View: https://youtu.be/kYcjhSqgzIM

It this guide:
View: https://youtu.be/SRJO8JG7SS4

If you have a 4K TV, try running your game at 1080p to see if you can improve frame rates.
It's not an fps issue I am having. It's an issue where I can't seem to see enemies at a mid distance. The TV I am using is an old Viera tv. I run games at 1920x1080.


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My point is that TVs aren't great for PC gaming unless they have added features for PC use on them. A lot of your quality issues might just be down to using a TV, calibration can help improve the quality by reducing sharpening and other post-processing effects, and it is something you can try for free, so it is worth giving it a go.

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