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Angels of Death

Any good Mobile Games?

Angels of Death


Staff member
I play Clash Royale, and AFK Arena. I started out with Clash of Clans, and transferred into Clash Royale. I love the art.


Hi, maybe you should try Monster Legends, I;m playing it right now, it's really fun!!

You should build your menagerie, adding a range of different creatures and train them up to become the best they can be. Each creature requires a different habitat and will evolve and change as it grows. Then, take them into Team Wars and Team Battlegrounds to prove your superior Monster Master skills. There are over 600 monsters to collect, but be aware the lure of microtransactions to speed up your collection is strong.


I don't usually play games on mobile but sometimes just to pass my time I play Candy Crush Saga and 8 Ball Pool
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Angels of Death