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Any Tips to Become Better at Multiplayer?

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My multiplayer skills at COD are average at best. I often practice with bots to try and work on my skills but I haven't progressed too much. I was curious if anyone had any beneficial tips to help me become better at team deathmatch or domination? I hate being in the bottom half on the stats screen.


I am quite good at multiplayer and I can tell you it is all about speed, good aim and knowing the maps all around. One technique that has done wonders for me is getting better at shooting people while moving sideways, jumping or anything that keeps you moving. The idea with that technique is trying to be a great shooter while becoming a very hard to hit target for your enemies. This will do wonders for you!

The most important thing is that you develop your skills like aiming, moving and speed. And do your best to be unpredictable. Don't stay in one place. Keep moving and surprise your enemies using a wide variety of weapons - pick useful weapons that your enemies drop after you killed them. That also leads me to tell you to get good at using all types of weapons: grenades, launchers, pistols, rifles, shotguns, and everything in between.

I hope that helps :)


Don't practice on bots. Most times it isn't your aim that lets you down. Ofcourse practicing aim is also a big part of becoming a good player, but most of all you have to think, think and think. Try to predict the rutes of enemy players. Play strategic. When you move around the map never move trogh the middle of the map. If you go trough the middle of the map you are open to gunfire. There are so much rutes from where the enemy can shoot that you won't make it. Move trough the sides. Use all of your equipment. Granades, claymores, C4 etc. Also strategic holding of a postition is not camping. For instance invade and defend something like a house and pick off people from there and after a while move to another position. Making your perks, guns and equipment match your playstyle also plays a huge roll so test everything out and see what works best for you. I hope this helps aswell.


Honestly, Links, Videos or text doesnt make you any better.
The steps to become better at MW3
- Learn the maps
- Dont camp
- Take your time, and always watch your back
- Know roughly where people are spawning
- Keep your eye on the Mini map, See where people are shooting
- Dont be that guy who uses Akimbo Machine Pistols.. They just piss everybody off
-CM901 has been nerfed and now sucks, Pick another weapon.


Learning the maps is huge. Knowing where you are, what's at your back, having an exit planned out or at least some cover.


You just need to play more. With that comes what everybody is saying...map knowledge, gun skill, etc.

Find classes/guns that you enjoy and that you are good with...don't just go with what everybody else is doing.

And pay attention to the minimap. Even if there is no UAV or Orbital VSAT up, where your teammates are relative to you helps you find out where the other team is and where they will be respawning.

Pick killstreaks that suit you, you can reach and are smart for the gametype at hand. Really, just don't be stupid. Don't rush in and try to be a hero...if your skill isn't the greatest, it's not going to work.
I bet people have already said this, but it's true...PLAY PLAY AND PLAY. I used to suck really bad in MW2 when I first started. I played about 24 hours a week and I would get nukes almost every single match!


Definitely just play more. I suffered all through Black Ops 1 in the bottom half of the stats screen. I'm a girl, so apparently I'm allowed to suck. haha. At least, that's what my man and his friends tell me. Now though, every once in awhile I'm number one in the world (top of the stats). Yup, number one in the world, cause it's still that awesome for me when I play that well. (or when everyone else just sucks that day) lol.

But seriously dude, just play more live multiplayer. You'll get better =)


Every Call of Duty game requires a different playstyle. In Modware3 I was able to pull off a shotgun on nearly every map and an assault rifle every so often. In Blops2 I've found that SMGs fit my run and gun playstyle. You have to find every nook and cranny in the map and grow a third eye to stare at your radar. Seriously the radar is your best friend ever. That and the announcer guy (mostly if you're playing dom). Also, realize that Call of Duty is a game of revenge. If you smoke someone right out of their spawn, know that they're going to come looking for you. Post up in a different spot where you can catch them off guard again.

I don't know how many times I've gotten up to a sentry gun off of literally the exact same person.

Also, suppress your weapons, you won't die as often.


Just keep playing, is what i would say.

Others say to practice offline, but there's no point in doing that if you're going against other real humans. You keep playing and understand the ways of how they play then you can counter and think ahead.


One thing people forget to realize, is that they should play how they are most comfortable, with whatever set up they can. Keep calm, don't let the enemy players get to you, and take your time. Some players are much better at straight rushing, running and gunning, and spamming bullets and nades. Some need to take it slow, survey the area, and line up their shots before doing so. Sometimes, you'll get into a lobby where one team is just better then the other, especially if they're using good communication. That alone can turn the tide of a game.
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