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Any weird / cool custom game modes

Hi, I play with 4 other buddies every Sunday night in a mini season that lasts for 10 weeks and could do with some help with game type ideas!

We started this during lockdown to keep in touch and be social and it’s just kept going, proving to be a highlight of the week for us.

We’re all in our late 30’s, most with either stressful jobs or kids etc so getting away from the real world for a few hours to play video games with your mates is very much needed.
Every season we take it in turns to ‘Manage’ the season and try to keep it fresh with new game types and scoring methods. We keep track of the scores after every game and it gets put into the spreadsheet to keep track of the overall winner for the season.

This coming Sunday is the start of my season. and wanted to see if anyone out there can help me think of any unique game types (that can be made in the settings of a private match)
Scoring for every game is normally as follows (unless specified)

1st place – 5 points
2nd place – 4 points
3rd place – 3 points
4th place – 2 points
5th place – 1 point

Currently I have the following (We have 10 games per week)

Game 1. – ‘Free for all’ - Standard warm up game – Anything goes weapons, loadout etc – First to 30 kills

Game 2. – ‘Gun Game’ - Standard gun game, First to 30 kills, Bonus points – 1 point fewest deaths, 1 point most melees

Game 3. – ‘Same Gun Round’ – Free for all apart from we use a randomiser to pick the same loadout (usually something that’s impossible to use, like pistols with sniper scopes etc – No lethals or shields allowed) –
First to 30 kills

Game 4. – ‘Infection’ - Standard, Max amount of Veteran bots, Stay alive the longest to win points. (if you are picked to be infected first then your awarded 3 points) bonus points - 1 point most people infected

Game 5. – ‘Fish in a barrel’ – Standard Free for all, First to 100 kills, anything goes apart from we include the max amount of recruit bots (like shooting fish in a barrel) bonus points – 1 point best K/D

Game 6. - 10 Lives – Standard free for all, but everyone only has 10 lives and the advanced UAV map is always on (this was to prevent camping the whole game) Scoring changes for this game type – Your score is your final K/D x 3

Game 7. - Headshots only – Free for all with a randomised gun and loadout, the kills only register if you land a headshot.

Game 8. - 4v1 Protect the hostage - Every week a new person is on a team of the maximum amount of veteran bots against the rest of us.(Winning team gets 5 points, losers get nothing)

Game 9. - Raining Care packages – Free for all, every 30 secs a random care package falls onto the map, First to 30 kills

Game 10. - Tactical Free for all – Free for all, this game is always TENSE as you can win a lot of points at the end of the week! Scoring is your K/D x5 but the UAV is switched off, this normally leads to a lot of sneaking around trying to get kills while not being spotted.

Ghost, Heartbeat sensors, silencers, knifes always used often here.

The person picking the map for each game is scheduled for each week before hand to prevent unfair advantages etc.

I’d love to hear what kind of weird and awesome game types you guys have invented using nothing but the settings in the game. Would definitely help me out in keeping the league from going stale (we’ve been doing this every week for about 3 years now)

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