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Anybody watchin' Gamer?


Staff member
Its going to be released in theaters on Sept 4th. Its a story about a gamer playing a game with virtual reality-like controls (think project natal but ten times more powerful, and ten years ahead of natal). And the game seems to take a toll on the person playing, its general consensus is "play to live or play to have fun" with some saying "this isn't just a game." The general game? Modern Warfare. It doesn't show gameplay from COD4, per se, but the idea is based squarely around COD4. As the costumes are similar to MW2's style. The weapons are similar to both games, too.


Interesting concept, gotta be honest i hadn't heard of it up until now. It sounds more like something i'll rent on DVD than go and see at the cinema, but you never know... the special effects would be good on the big screen i'm sure.

For anyone who wants to see the trailer:


I think it's been done. Not necessarily the game part but prisoners fight for there freedom? Condemed? Battle Royal?
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