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Anyone else having an issue with Gamertag or PS name showing up as Anon?

Ever since yesterday my name is displayed as Anon3754643 or some random number. I’ve reset the game multiple times, checked my PS profile and it’s still not doing anything to go back to my name. Is anyone else having this issue?


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I am having a similar issue, though mine is it keeps changing to UCS major number list... I have never had a Number after my Activision account because I have had it for so long. I went in and changed my Profile Name that Shows up on the PS4 to the old Name and changed my account name to the recommended name that used my original name but with some numbers after it, but each time I log back into the game, it resets itself to the UCD lots of numbers. This is getting very annoying and it HAS to be a bug..
I should elaborate on my situation, the work I did on mine was through my Actual account on my computer, and it was set correctly yesterday as it worked then, but upon logging in today it had reverted again. My account and PS4 both registered the correct changes and everything, it just reset for no reason today, which is why I think my case is a bug (kind of like people being able to change their name colors to Blue lol).
Ok so I do remember trying to create a faction the other day, but when the faction name I wanted to use was already in use I cancelled my action and just backed out. Not sure that should cause my profile name to be affected, especially since I never even completed any changes. But that is the only thing I can think of that May have triggered a bug.

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