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Anyone else think the Devs of Warzone and activision are complete wastes? NERF THE FN DMR

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Please do you jobs and listen to the people who pay for this shit game and nerf the dmr and Mac 10. It isn’t even warzone anymore, it’s DMRzone

I mean I die from that gun every game. It is absurd that you make a gun that outmatches every other gun. I don’t understand why you refuse to nerf it? It’s BS.


So that everyone will buy Blueprints and then they can nerf it into the ground, just like they do every season. Use it while it's good instead of complaining about it.


So that everyone will buy Blueprints and then they can nerf it into the ground, just like they do every season. Use it while it's good instead of complaining about it.
I understand, but shouldn’t we have the same opportunity to use every other gun and actually have a chance? Complaining is the only way things get done with Activision. They don’t listen to actual reason.


Honestly, I like where the DMRs are at. Finally DMRs have a reason to exist, as an option for longer range (100-200m). ARs can't compete at that range anymore, which is music to my ears. All the kids spraying Graus, Kilos, and Bruens at 150m now get rekt instead, thanks to the higher damage of DMRs.. And DMRs have also made most "short-range" sniping irrelevant because of how quickly they can crank out follow-up shots. Seriously who would use a Kar anymore with a red-dot or even 3x if it takes the same number of body shots to kill but the DMR can shoot 10x faster? Snipers have been relegated to more LONG range usage, where they belong anyway, because their longer scopes and 1 hit headshot potential at that range are more effective than even spraying a DMR. I definitely don't feel comfortable challenging snipers at >200m.

The one change they need to make is to vastly increase the ADS of DMRs/snipers. If it took 3x as long to ADS the DMR-14 as say an M4, NOBODY would use the DMR-14 as a short-range secondary. You'd be dead before you could even ADS. At longer ranges, where you should be using these weapons, ADS isn't as important because there's a lot more hard-scoping and pre-aiming. This would also stop people from quick-scoping with snipers at like 50m, because again they'd be dead before they could ADS thanks to the super-slow ADS times.

ADS is the only issue IMO. They tried implementing a high damage/low ROF DMR to fit in between medium damage/ROF ARs and snipers, which makes sense. Logically, an AR should lose to a DMR if you are battling at longer range. What they should be doing is nerfing the ADS times of the DMRs to stop people from using them as SMGs. Then every gun class would have a logical place to exist:

Shotguns - Inside buildlings, room-clearing only, useless outside.

SMGs - Lose to shotguns inside, beat everything else thanks to super-snappy ADS and TTK, have some use out to maybe 50m but outside that the ROF/recoil and bullet drop should be too much to handle properly.

ARs - Lose to SMGs inside 50m, but best them easily outside that thanks to better damage/bullet drop/recoil control etc. Would reign king out to roughly 100m, where the recoil management then starts to become an issue against higher-powered DMRs.

DMRs - Would be near useless inside 50m and should still be losing to snappier ADS ARs out towards 100m. But from like 100-200m their increased damage would give them supremacy over ARs. ARs have to land 10+ hits at that range, which could take 20-30 shots, whereas DMRs can kill in 3-5 shots needing only 10ish shots fired to kill. For the same reason they would lose out to Snipers beyond 200m.

Snipers - Would be totally useless inside 100m, and would need to equip a red-dot to 3x sight in order to compete from 100-200m. But the long range optics and 1-shot headshot potential allow them to dominate outside 200m. Even DMRs have issues at that range because it becomes tougher to successfully land shots given the recoil and bullet drop.


What I don't want, is for every gun to be "equal" and have a fair chance against everything. At that point there's zero strategy to picking guns and setting up classes, because you can just "use anything" and still be on equal footing. Different gun classes need to have purposes, areas where they excel and areas where they don't. That's why IMO DMRs (and Snipers) need a huge ADS nerf, to stop people from using them like SMGs. Seriously, the fact you can run a red-dot DMR as a secondary to a Sniper and get away with it is just ludicrous. Why have SMGs if DMRS that are close to twice as long can be used in the same fashion?

I think it should have a smaller clip or use sniper ammo. Would go a long way

Yup agree 100% here too. They should use sniper ammo, forcing you to conserve ammo like you do with a sniper. And having a 40-round mag is just stupid - you shouldn't be able to fire a DMR like an anti-aircraft flak gun at people parachuting. 40 rounds is too many.

Sniper ammo, 30 round mags TOPS, and at least double the base ADS.
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