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Anyone know what the '#' means in the After Action Report??

I always thought the marked number showed your level.. But it was always one or two off from my actual level.. Usually lower..

Then I thought it might be the place you ended up in at the end of the match.. But in the match after I took that screen shot, I was one of the "Top Earners" right at the end of the match.. I find it hard to believe that I would have placed 35th..

Any one have any idea what that marked number means??

Thanx in advanceWZ.jpg


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
What happens if you try to press it?

My guess would be that it will take you to some form of sharing option so you can post your results to boast about how great you are and encourage your friends to start playing. It is a guess though,

I'm probably way off, sharing isn't usually done with a # but then there's the hashtag as in #Idunno or #amiright?
Thanx for the reply..

It's not a button to push.. Just informational, I spose..

Based on it's behavior over the last few games, I think it's a count of how many games you played on the given day.. Although it's not reliable (what IS in Warzone, eh?? :D) it does seem to count up one after each game...

Thanx again.. :D


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
That's ok. I did say that I was guessing.

I'm not really a Warzone player, hopefully someone will be on here soon with the definitive answer. But your observations sound like they could well be right, maybe it counts games per season or week, just keep watching till it resets.
No worries.. :D Yea, I'll take a closer look at it today... Was hoping it was placement in the match.. But I actually got better as the day went on, not worse.. So, HOPEFULLY that is not it.. :D
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