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Dec 20, 2017
Apocalypse Gaming Esports team - Now Enrolling!

Apocalypse gaming (APOC) is a newly founded MLG esports team. we play mostly call of duty but expanding into games like Rainbow 6 siege , rocket league, PUBG , and many more!

Any Other Info:

- we mostly play on eastern standard time ( EST )
- we train at a minimum of 5-9 hours every day
- we do play competitve (duh..) and do MLG gamebattles

Phase 1:

So you decided you wanna be an APOC member. This is where it all begins, every 3-6 months, APOC will conduct their 4 horsemen challenge which is a challenge/tryout to find the best players on COD, rainbow 6 siege, and rocket league but mostly call of duty in North America and Europe. Each participant will be required to upload a video of them in any of the esports modes ( Hardpoint, gridiron, SND,etc ) showing off their skills ( quick-scopes are not valid ). The video must be at least 10 minutes long and unlisted ( must provide a link to the video ). From there 4 people will be picked to head into phase 2.

Phase 2

You and 3 other people were chosen, so now what? In this phase your not officially part of APOC just yet. This is where your skills are put to the test in a chosen Esport mode and map picked by members. If you have proven yourself then you’ll move to phase 3

Phase 3

Welp, you made this far.... so what’s next? after weeks to months of proving yourself to be APOC material, you are officially a member of apocalypse gaming, congrats. From here you’ll be given a new name ( APOC_nickname ) and you’ll be able to wear the APOC clan tag in call of duty. From here, you’ll be required to train 4-6 hours with the team and be dedicated to win.


- 18+
- mic mandatory
- must be dedicated
- active

* to send a link to your tryout video we prefer you email us with the info
Contact Info:
EMAIL: apocalypsegaming@gmail.com


Dec 20, 2017
- the 4H or also known as the 4 horseman challenge has begun as of 1/1
- the challenge will go on to the 15th as we forgot to write up this post earlier
- we screwed up the email again...its apocalypsegamingMLG@gmail.com please ignore the last post
- our website is up and running, its www.apocalypsegamingesports.weebly.com where if you miss the challenge deadline, you can fill out an application there.
- a new rule has been established, no snipers/quickscopers/trickshotters are allowed. we are strictly an competitive esports clan.

for more updates, make sure to watch this thread and our social media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/apocalypseMLG
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/apocalypse_gaming16

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