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DMZ Apparently, We're Not Allowed To Pick Our Own Friends :^/


The Equalizer
So, I mentioned previously that, with the advent of S05 RELOADED, they took away the SEARCH function to find friends...


NOW, they have a "FRIENDS SUGGESTION" where Activision chooses our friends for us...

What kind of Orwellian bullshit is this!!??

I am fully capable of choosing my own friends, thank you very much!!
Never got that and still have the search bar to search the list.

Need to reiterate, mine doesn't come up as a notification. Just shows a list until I click recents. Search function is still there though.


The Equalizer
OK It seems you CAN pick your friends, but it requires an extra click..

Originally, you would click on RECENT in your SOCIAL tab and it would have the SEARCH box to search your recent contacts..

NOW, it lists 10 FRIENDS suggestions but there is a button RECENT LOBBY which will take you to your recent contacts and it has the SEARCH box..

Hate it when they frak with things...

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