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Xbox Live Aqua Alliance Clan Looking for new recruits!

Jun 26, 2017
Aqua Alliance is a Sniping clan that also does some trickshots. There are a few requirements to join, but not many. At Aqua Alliance, we will have a YouTube Channel, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. I ask that you are will to be in YouTube videos, or make your on a channel. Anyways I will list the requirements to join below.
-Must be 12 years or older
-Must have at least 3 Call of Duty Games
-Must have a mic on Xbox One And/or Xbox 360
-Must be fairly active on Xbox
-There is no recruitment challenge, but must be willing to follow these rules
-If you are a Co-leader, only recruit people that follow these standards
-Must have some form of outside communication( Skype, Kik, etc.)
-Would be greatly appreciated if you were to steam or do YouTube
-In the future will also start recruiting editors, contents creators/streamers, and competitive players

So those are the requirements to join Aqua Alliance. If you have any more questions about joining, message me on Xbox. Gamertag: Aqua iReloadz

Hope you have fun if you join!!!
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Jun 28, 2017
To Aqua clan first I would like to see how good you guys play add me and I'll see how good you are tmr bc me and my friend are gonna go competitive and we really good so we're gonna do it for world war 2 I think
Aug 12, 2017
I'm an editor, and a YouTuber. I'm A decent trickshotter and I'm the best at Cod4 AND MW2! I'm highly interested! Message me! My Gamertag is FuZe Kirby
Jun 26, 2017
Hey there are some problems going on with my Xbox Live account. I will get back to all of you as soon as I possibly can. If you are still interested in joining the Aqua Alliance, please send me a message on Kik at bretthaugh_32. I am SOOO sorry for the inconvenience.

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