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Are custom games (bots mainly) ever going to be fixed?

Pixie Swift

So I don't see alot about this on these forums maybe because most are into multiplayer and don't really care. But some of us like to try out builds and play with friends and/or vs bots in custom games. However here is the issue at hand, the way it is currently is that the bot difficulty cannot be changed from cakewalk to something harder. It starts at a very easy difficulty, and when you try to change it in the bot difficulkty menu, then exit that menu it changes the difficulty back to easy. If you go back into the bot menu to check it you will see the difficulty resetS to easy/regular everytime and you can't do anything about it. The game mode is utterly useless for the most part if you want to play bots and all it would take is a little fix so the difficulty stays the way you set it as, not reverting to easy mode every time. It's been like this for awhile and would take no time to fix this glitch. On reddit theres so many of us that want this fix and it just looks like they don't care very much. I know theres a seperate vs bots mode where the difficulty works but that mode is very bare bones compared to the custom game mode where there are so many options to set up a fun time (If only bots didnt reset to childs play difficulty). Treyarch could you please look into this. I heard they said they would fix it awhile ago but it hasn't even been touched in this games lifetime and it's such an easy fix it's ridiculous. Not everyone wants to always play multiplayer, custom games can be a place to chill and unwind after playing sweatys in multi, but i still want a challenge to my bots or whats the fun of it? Going 70 and 3 against easy bots without being able to change difficulty is just a waste of time and waste of a mode for alot of us imo. I pour quite a bit of money into this game so the least that could be done is to fix the bot difficulty in the custom match mode for us casuals. *fingers crossed*

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