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Multi Are you looking for a true home? Join Drip Gang Today! (4000+ Members)



Whether you’re casual or competitive, join our team to practice and compete against gamers from all over the world. Meet active players around your skill level and age, build stronger team skills, and have a great time while doing it. You will not find another Call of Duty Community more active than us and that goes for in-game and on discord.

Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/dripgang

What We Offer:
‣ Level 3 Boosted Discord Server
‣ Dank Memer & Groovy Bot Premium
‣ Promote Your Stream & Socials
‣ Super Active Chat
‣ Casual Groups
‣ Competitive Team
‣ Players With Professional Experience
‣ Coaching And Individual Practice Sessions
‣ Friendly Non-toxic Community
‣ Regular Clip Uploads
‣ Stream Assets
‣ Clan Wars, Inner-Clan Scrims
‣ Private Warzone Matches, Events
‣ Weekly Events and Tournaments
‣ Monthly Discord Classic Nitro Contests

What We are Looking For:
✪ 18+ Players
✪ Players: All Skill Levels
✪ All Regions
✪ All Platforms & Inputs
✪ Active Members On Discord
✪ Content Creators & Streamers
✪ Server Mergers w/Rewards


Are you sick of hopping from clan to clan? Join a community you can call home. Drip Gang is a premier gaming community. Our founder jdjersey is an active military service member who founded the clan in 2020 along with the help of a vital co owner BeefSupreme, Drip Gang keeps growing everyday and we would love to have you be a constant part of our family. As many gamers may possibly relate, I struggle with mental health at times and this place has done for me than I could have ever imagined.

We support all games!

- 6+LFG Channels to Squad Up whenever you want, never play alone again!
- Constant Movie nights! Choose the Cinema Gang Role and get pinged for movies, UFC Fans please join, we stream all fights!

- We would absolutely LOVE more Vanguard players, if you are down to play ranked, or pubstomp at all come on in

If you have any questions please feel free to DM me!

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