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Multi Are you Savage enough?


Hey, here at Savage gaming we are Recruiting Call of Duty players that play both Casual and Competitive! Also interested in taking other clans under our wings if they are looking to Merge with us! We have players based all over the globe!
We have CDL Teams, Warzone competitive teams, in-house tournaments, ect. We also have channels within our server for other games, such as GTA, Among us, Apex, Minecraft and many more! We also have a Competitive Volarant team being set up as requested by members!
We have a mix of channels based around CoD, aswell as general chit chat, Music discussions, Memes, NSFW content. Along side our Mental Health and Private ladies channel!
We are a great group of guys and girls and I am happy to answer any questions you may have! Feel free to give me a message!2021-01-04 (4).png

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