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Armor needs a complete overhaul, or just scrap it.

Honestly, it would be awesome if armor didn't even exist. Because it plays too heavily into if you live or die in a fight, also you cant seem to kill anyone that has armor without destroying it completely. So after a single back and forth gunfight you basically have to search and search to find some new armor or have a pretty good chance at dying to the next guy who does!
I've also noticed that I've gotten into a single gunfight. lost it. then find out in the post game stats that I did 280 damage points... what is with that? 280 damage and I DIDNT kill the guy? How is it so easy to kill someone in multiplayer yet in blackout everyone is a bullet sponge even with out armor?

I feel that with all the heals you get all over the map, there is no need to keep armor in the game.


Staff member
Your opponent's armor is a level 3 armor. Treyarch says they're not going to be removed, but the meta for it is modified a little bit, here's the Reddit thread.

The syringe helps you survive, but not nearly as much as having an armor.


Staff member
I'm not sure if I agree. They make it pretty obvious that someone has level 3 armor in that you make a TON more sound and you can see the big, hulking headpiece and black armor vest if someone has it on.


I personally think that the Level 3 Armor is slightly too much and takes plenty of shots to kill the enemy. Level 1 and 2 armor seems to be ok. Just level 3 is a bit over the top.

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