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AW In-Depth Review


(Will not reopen old wounds)

As the first title under the new three-year development plan and the first full title by Sledgehammer Games, Advanced Warfare had to truly wow people and had quite an uphill battle ahead. Like Ghosts before it, it achieved all the important things (and did even better, in terms of the antagonist), and was pilloried by naysayers and haters who just wanted any reason to dogpile on COD. This time, they focused on the "futuristic bullshit" and "totally predictable reveal", and referred to it as "having no soul" and "is just a license to print money." The once admired but now revealed to be detestable "Angry Joe" Vargas in particular used this to slam AW as a "by-the-numbers, shallow product."

Yet, none of these claims hold up under scrutiny. AW is simply among the best games in the series, and one of the most diverse in terms of locations used (a level in Greece!). Many also didn't realize that when COD goes out on a limb to show visions of the future, the developers consult often with not only the usual military advisors, but also various scientific and technological advisors in pointing out the direction things are evolving, and how military strategy would naturally evolve. Much is done to ensure that the game never loses its touch of quasi-realism, mixed in with the usual Hollywood blockbuster explosions and stunts that wouldn't happen in actuality. But underneath it all is a message, a chance to ponder where things are headed, and whether or not it should, even if it is buried under all the gunplay and frenetic action.

AW represented a milestone in COD, and hopefully, something will be done to complete the narrative at some point.

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