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Xbox Live BCG is Hiring Assassins


The BCG( Big Ck Gang)is looking to recruit search and destroy and warzone players. We’re currently at 80 members and looking to expand.

We’re known for our superior sniping skills and stealing women from other lobbies. There are try hards, laid back chill members, and even a little mix of both. We destroy the competition through superior communications and strategic aggressive pushes.

There is not one central power, but knights of the round table to ensure everything is operating smoothly at all times of the day.

If you would consider yourself one of the following, the BCG would love to hear from you:

-An Alpha who enjoys destroying nerds
- A top tier sniper/quickscoper/trickshotter
- A try hard who likes to win
- A cool a*s laid back dude/girl looking to make new friends and elevate gameplay
- Competitive

Activision: Zam#794129


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