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Beloved MAC A1316 Cinema Display Bit The Big One


The Equalizer
My 27" MAC monitor finally crapped out on me..

I am using a nice 24" but, apparently, that 3 inches really means a lot, because the A1316 is WAY wider...

So, what are my options for a 27" replacement that I don't have to sell a kidney for???


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
The ideal viewing distance for a 32" monitor is at least 48" from the screen, for a 27" you can cope with a 41" viewing distance.

As for 4k, how well can your GPU core with pushing that many pixels?

4k is not a very popular choice for gaming, cheaper screens have lower refresh rates.

I'd recommend a 27" QHD 2560*1440 panel with a high refresh rate. The Acer Predator XB3 was a reasonably priced model with a 270hz refresh rate at the time I was looking, but it might have been on special offer when bought direct from Acer. It was reasonable in terms of how it stacks up against the competition when you look at price and performance, I think it was the best monitor under £500 GBP at the time that I was looking at getting one. My favourite was the the LG 27GP850, but that was very expensive at around £700-£800 at the time.

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