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Best Multiplayer Mode?


I think we can all agree that Kill Confirmed is one of the best additions to CoD multiplayer. However, I have to say that Gun Game is my favorite mode hands down. Mainly due to the less competitive, more fun atmosphere the mode incites. It reminds me of multiplayer of days past, before the e-sports and the glamour, when it was all about the fun.


These days the multiplayer modes do tend to be a lot more serious and competitive than they ever used to be but that's maybe because there's more people playing them now.

Gone are the days when you could just have a fun few games with friends, now it seems to be all about the banter and who gets the bragging rights at the end of it all.


I do have to agree that the mode is really fun. Dog tags makes it a bit more exciting.

Gun game is fantastic, even though I am terrible with certain guns. I actually really love sticks n stones too. It is challenging and I have a love for that crossbow.

In my opinion, one in the chamber, is by far the best addition. This mode is definitely underrated. This mode really challenges you to sneak around, use your knife, and only shoot when necessary. I think this is the mode I spent the most time on.

You bring up a great point about how it is a little less competitive than typical team deathmatch. I think this is because of the other challenges these modes offer.
OP, I completely agree with you! Kill Confirmed is like a buffed-up Team Deathmatch with more fun added. However, Gun Game is my all-time favorite game mode in every shooter game (except for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Competitive game mode, if you can count that in). I like the fast paced feel to it and the competitiveness of the game mode.

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