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Multi Best places to find LFG groups to boost your game ?

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Title basically, i am kinda tired of randoms in every 2nd game. I know i am not the perfect teammate but it feels like every 2nd game is filled with clutchers and screamboys. What are some of the best places to look for players to boost your game experience ? Anyone tried fb lfg groups, or that is waste of time ? Post below where you found your best teammates you play with today.
Well, title basically, anyone tried those reddit, forums or fb lfg groups that offer services ? I am kinda tired of the same old same old, clutchers and non responding teammates just make your day goes south in the first 15 minutes. Where did you first meet your favorite group you play with on regular ? Is it worth spending time and effort on looking for teams, or you just leave it to your ingame matchmaking system to handle that part ?

Not sure if it is just me, but since Cold War release, warzone seemes imapcted in negative way to me. Think we need a new map and some new guns and content introduced in 2021, else devs risk this game running to a standstill.


Tbh this game has seen a decline in rescent months, I don't have fun anymore playing it since all of my friends moved to another game, need new content.


Once you get used to play with a group, the solo queue feels even worse.
And as usual, anything will be way more fun with a bunch of friends.


Yeah I've always found the best experience is with a coordinated group, but some of the worst too. Sometimes you just get the 'solo yolo' thing.


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Thread locked because...

- You Spammed across multiple forums posting the same kind of thread.
- You're posting a service.
- You're posting a link to a website that encourages Boosting, which isn't encouraged here.

Do it again and You're gone. Read the rules next time. Its up there in the notice when you log in...
Welcome to CODForums, recruits! In order to get started, please read our Forum Rules. If you want to post a montage, or video, please use our Media Forum, do not spam across multiple forums. Finally, if you are a clan leader or recruiter, PLEASE use the Recruitment Forum! Otherwise, have fun posting!
As for the rest of you, I ask the same to you, also. SMH, supporting a LFG Boosting thread...
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