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Best score you ever had?


Everyone has those days where they are just god like and you are having so much fun! I once was playing and out of no-where I was doing really good so I kept playing all day long due to me having so much fun. I actually ended up going 50 and 5 in a match of domination on nuketown and I was so happy and proud, those where some fun time.

So whats your highest score and what map was it on?
After the first round of demolition on Firing Range, I was 100-0. I didn't end up with my best score that game as my most kills was on Havana where I got 204.

On MW2, I got 66 of the teams 75 kills playing TDM on Rundown. I actually took a picture at the time, lol.

That's basically all I have on memory. I have 20-30 kill SnD games and whatnot, but nothing too crazy.
I really love it when I get into a game with inexperienced players. It's what makes the game fun to me. I think I went 100-12 in a game once. You really only have fun when you're doing well. With the matchmaking system the way it is, it's hard to get into a game with new players.
I've had quite a few beast mode games, but the most memorable is going 70+ with less than 5 deaths on Shipment on CoD 4. Since that was quite a while ago, a game I can actually give better specifics on is a game on Hazard on Black Ops in which I believe I went 38-3.


72-1 on Carrier, it was a good game. Pretty much the whole team got good scores as we dominated them in a tiny portion of the map, they couldn't go anywhere and unlike normally none of them decided to quit so I managed to rack up a lot of quick kills which led to killstreaks which then led to even more kills! The death was only because I ran out of ammo!
212 - 13 On Nuketown 2025. I remember it was Nuketown 24/7 and double xp! So I'm pretty sure I ranked up a few times. After, I got a crapload of messages saying that I was hacking and then the next day, I got banned for six days. I guess CoD can't handle my skill c:
I got something like 88 - 5 on Hijacked, I believe it was domination but it was a while ago so I can't remember. I had a fairly OK team but the other team were garbage and I was able to really make use of killstreaks and the small nature of the map let me just destroy their spawn.

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