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Bethesda/Prey 2/Prey 2017

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Toxic34, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Toxic34

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    Jun 22, 2016
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    The release of Arkane Studios' Prey has been met with a resounding success. This spiritual successor to System Shock 2 has been praised for being foreboding, atmospheric, and having fascinating abilities and mechanics. Truly, the game is an absolute marvel.

    However, for all the good the game is, it still makes one think of the original Prey, the mind-bending, dark and and intriguing 2006 title from 3D Realms, released to great acclaim and sales after 10 years of development hell. Admittedly, most people don't think much about that title, or remember that much these days, and the hipster hate movement minimizes its accomplishments considerably (though it also cuts both ways, as some who dislike the current game will now hype up the original to ludicrous levels). The announcement, reveal, and then cancellation of the planned sequel still leaves an awful taste in many people's mouths. The recent news of what the plotline would've resulted in, and the Blade Runner influence certainly shows that the title, had it been released, would've sparked off the revolution that Titanfall and similar titles ended up doing. The rumors and possible conspiracy theory concerning Bethesda's attempted hostile takeover of Human Head also won't go away. There are those who fervently believe it, and those who dismiss it and consider Bethesda's statements more credible, that Human Head was on strike rather than being crippled by false milestone failures. I'd like to know what you all believe about that situation.

    More than anything else, I wish that the work of Prey 2 could be resurrected, dusted off, and given a release in some way, similar to the Warner Archive collection of movies not popular enough to merit release in brick and mortar stores or streaming sites (you place an order for a movie, it's burned onto a DVD-R, then mailed to your home, I could imagine such a release for Prey 2). However, by the statements of Human Head, all the work was simply erased by Bethesda. I hope that isn't true and some kind of arrangement can be made to finish the game, release it semi-officially, and people can finally play it for themselves.

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