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Black Ops 4 Forums Launches!

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Technically, I bought BlackOps4Forums.com on November 24, 2017. I've been mulling, thinking, and trying to gain confidence in launching new sites. Today, I took the plunge. I launched Black Ops 4 Forums ahead of the world reveal of Black Ops 4, which takes place two days from now: May 17th.

Please, welcome to BlackOps4Forums.com! It will take a while before the site becomes large enough. This is not the first time I launched a Black Ops community. Not by a long stretch. I was the previous owner of BlackOps3Forums.com and it grew to 1,501 Members by the time I merged it into CODForums.com

If you don't believe me, this screenshot says a thousand words...


I'd like to try again. I believe I can do it again.
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