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Black Ops Multiplayer XP Guide



Black Ops Multiplayer XP Guide

In Call of Duty: Black Ops, you earn experience points (XP) for completing various tasks and/or challenges in multiplayer. Whether you're killing other players in matches, capturing objectives, or netting assists - you're constantly earning XP.

Everything builds forward, as you will never lose your rank (unless you're caught glitching & manually de-ranked by Treyarch). As you continue to earn XP, you'll unlock different weapons and items to make you more versatile in the competitive multiplayer.

First Blood (+100XP)
Be the first person to get a kill in a match.

Double Kill (+50XP)
Kill two enemies within a second.

Triple Kill (+75XP)
Kill three enemies within a second.

Mult-Kill (+100XP)
Kill four or more enemies within a second.

Buzzkill (+100XP)
Kill an enemy when they're one kill from getting a killstreak.

Payback (+50XP)
Kill the person who just killed you.

Avenger (+50XP)
Kill an enemy who just killed your team mate.

Rescuer (+50XP)
Kill an enemy who is injuring your team mate.

Assisted Suicide (+100XP)
Injure an enemy and let him kill himself. The enemy usually takes fall damage which injures him enough to die.

Assist (10-80XP)
Injure an enemy and have your team mate kill them. The amount depends on how much you injure the enemy. The assists go by multiples of 10. You can get up to 80 XP on playlists that give 100 XP per kill. On playlists that give 50 XP per kill, you can get up to 40. On Demolition you are always awarded 25XP.

Afterlife (+100XP)
You killed someone while you were dead. This can happen with an assisted suicide or a claymore.

Execution (+100XP)
Headshot an enemy who is in second chance.

Headshot (+50XP)
Kill someone with a headshot.

One Shot One Kill (+50XP)
Kill an enemy with one shot from your sniper rifle.

Longshot (+50XP)
Kill an enemy from a long distance.

Scalper (+50XP)
Kill an enemy with a tomahawk.

Bank Shot (+100XP)
Kill an enemy with a banked tomahawk. This means you have to bounce it off something.

Stuck (+100XP)
Stick a semtex grenade to an enemy.

Skewer (+50XP)
Kill an enemy with the Ballistic Knife. You must shoot it, not melee with it.

Backstabber (+50XP)
Kill an enemy with a melee/knife to the back.

Comeback (+100XP)
Get a kill after dying 5 or more times.

Medic (50XP)
Revive a team mate in second chance. They must have the pro version for you to revive them. You do not need Second Chance on your class to revive them.

Road Rage (100XP)
Destroy an RC-XD.

Turret Kill (100XP)
Destroy a SAM Turret or Sentry Gun.

Destroy an aerial vehicle. The following values are for regular game modes, not search and destroy.

Spy Plane: +50 (100 Total)

Counter Spy Plane: +50 (150 Total)

Care Package: +200 (400 Total)

Cobra/Attack Helicopter: +200 (400 Total)

Huey/Chopper Gunner: +300 (500 Total)

Hind/Gunship: +300 (500 Total)

Scrapped Assist (50XP)
Help destroy an aerial vehicle.

Off the Air (100XP)
Took out a Valkyrie. This means you shoot down a valkyrie rocket.

Hijacker (50XP)
Steal an enemy's care package, sentry gun, SAM turret, or valkyrie rockets.

Share Package (50-?XP)
You earn this bonus when a team mate takes your care package, sentry gun, SAM turret, or valkyrie rockets. Depending on the package, you can earn different XP values:

Ammo: 50XP
Spy Plane: 50XP
Counter Spy Plane: 50XP
RC-XD: 100XP
Grim Reaper: 100XP
Death Machine: 150XP
Sentry Gun: 200XP
SAM Turret: 200XP
Mortar Team: 200XP
Valkyrie Rockets: 200XP
Attack Helicopter: 200XP
Blackbird: 200XP
Rolling Thunder: 300XP
Napalm Strike: 300XP
Chopper Gunner: 200XP
Attack Dogs: Withheld
Gunship: Withheld

Position Secure (150XP / 200XP)
Secure a flag on Domination / Secure a base in headquarters.

Above and Beyond
Secure a position while in Second Chance. Can be done on Domination or Headquarters.

Saboteur (500XP)
Plant a bomb on Search and Destroy, Sabotage, or Demolition

Hero (500XP)
Defuse a bomb on Search and Destroy, Sabotage, or Demolition

Anti-Bomber (+100)
Kill an enemy defusing your bomb in Demolition or Search and Destroy.

Bomber (+100XP)
Destroy a bomb site in Demolition or Sabotage.

Offense (+100XP)
Kill an enemy who is near your bomb site in demolition or S&D while your team is on offense. Kill an enemy while you're holding the flag in CTF

Defense (+100XP)
Kill an enemy who is trying to take over your base/flag (Domination, Capture the Flag, Headquarters). Kill an enemy who is near your bomb site in demolition , sabotage, or S&D while your team is on defense.

Flag Runner (100XP)
Capture a flag in Capture the Flag.

Flag Return (100XP)
Return a captured flag in Capture the Flag.

Flag Capture (250XP)
Capture a flag in the game mode Capture the Flag.

Ranking System
With the XP you earn above, players rank up as so depicted in the table below.

Rank Level / Class Name / XP Required to Rank Up (XP Total) / Items Unlocked
1. Private: Start (0XP) – SMG, CQB, and Assault Default Classes / TDM / FFA
2. Private I: 300XP (300XP) – LMG Default Class
3. Private II: 900XP (1,200XP) – Sniper Default Class
4. Private III: 1,500XP (2,700XP) – Create A Class / Challenges / All Perks / All Gears / Domination / Ground War
5. Private First Class: 2,100XP (4,800XP) – Enfield / Contracts
6. Private First Class I: 2,700XP (7,500XP) – RPK / Clan Tag on Playercard
7. Specialist : 3,400XP (10,900XP) – Skorpion / Demolition
8. Specialist I: 4,100XP (15,000XP) - Stakeout
9. Specialist II: 4,800XP (19,800XP) - M14
10. Corporal: 5,500XP (25,300XP) – WA2000 / Sabotage / Headquarters / Killstreaks / Edit Playercard
11. Corporal I: 6,200XP (31,500XP) - MAC11
12. Corporal II: 7,100XP (38,600XP) – RPG / 18 Playercard Images
13. Sergeant: 8,000XP (46,600XP) – Capture the Flag / Search and Destroy / Combat Record / Clan Tag Color / 12 Playercard Backgrounds
14. Sergeant I: 8,900XP (55,500XP) - Famas / 18 Playercard Images
15. Sergeant II: 9,800XP (65,300XP) – Ballistics Knife
16. Staff Sergeant: 10,700XP (76,000XP) – Barebones Playlists / Emblem / 12 Playercard Backgrounds / 18 Playercard Images
17. Staff Sergeant I: 11,800XP (87,800XP) - AK74u
18. Staff Sergeant II: 12,900XP (100,700XP) - Python / 18 Playercard Images
19. Sergeant 1st Class: 14,000XP (114,700XP) – Team Tactical / Hardcore Playlists / Clan Tag on Gun / 12 Playercard Backgrounds
20. Sergeant 1st Class I: 15,100XP (129,800XP) - Galil / 18 Playercard Images
21. Sergeant 1st Class II: 16,200XP (146,000XP) - M60
22. Sergeant Major: 17,400XP (163,400XP) – Camo / 12 Playercard Backgrounds / 18 Playercard Images
23. Sergeant Major I: 18,600XP (182,000XP) - Uzi
24. Sergeant Major II: 19,800XP (201,800XP) - SPAS-12 / 18 Playercard Images
25. Lieutenant: 21,000XP (222,800XP) – 12 Playercard Backgrounds
26. Lieutenant I: 22,200XP (245,000XP) - AUG / 18 Playercard Images
27. Lieutenant II: 23,500XP (268,500XP) - L96A1
28. Captain: 24,800XP (293,300XP) – 12 Playercard Backgrounds / 18 Playercard Images
29. Captain I: 26,100XP (319,400XP) - PM63
30. Captain II: 27,400XP (346,800XP) – Strela-3 / 18 Playercard Images
31. Major: 28,700XP (375,500XP) – Face Paint / 12 Playercard Backgrounds
32. Major I: 30,100XP (405,600XP) – FN FAL / 18 Playercard Images
33. Major II: 31,500XP (437,100XP) - Crossbow
34. Lt. Colonel: 32,900XP (470,000XP) - 12 Playercard Backgrounds / 18 Playercard Images
35. Lt. Colonel I: 34,300XP (504,300XP) - MPL
36. Lt. Colonel II: 35,700XP (540,000XP) – 18 Playercard Images
37. Colonel: 37,200XP (577,200XP) - 12 Playercard Backgrounds
38. Colonel I: 38,700XP (615,900XP) - AK47 / 18 Playercard Images
39. Colonel II: 40,200XP (656,100XP)
40. Brigadier General: 41,700XP (697,800XP) - 14 Playercard Backgrounds / 18 Playercard Images
41. Brigadier General I: 43,200XP (741,000XP) - Spectre
42. Brigadier General II: 44,800XP (785,800XP) – 18 Playercard Images / 18 Playercard Images
43. Major General: 46,400XP (832,200XP)
44. Major General I: 48,000XP (880,200XP) - Commando / 18 Playercard Images
45. Major General II: 49,600XP (929,800XP)
46. Lt. General: 51,200XP (981,000XP) – 18 Playercard Images / 18 Playercard Images
47. Lt. General I: 52,900XP (1,033,900XP)
48. Lt. General II: 54,600XP (1,088,500XP) – China Lake / 18 Playercard Images
49. General: 56,300XP (1,144,800XP)
50. Commander: 58,000XP (1,202,800XP) – 9 Playercard Images
51. Prestige Mode: 59,700XP (1,262,500XP) – Prestige Playlists

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