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BO2 In-Depth Review


The release of BO2 in 2012 was in many ways an event unto itself. It wound up being the last truly big event in terms of pre-orders in the series, and many wondered where the Black Ops narrative could possibly go. And indeed, it was truly spectacular and more than lived up to the hype. It was the next logical evolution to go, particularly in seeing a glimpse of the future of military hardware, and the risks and rewards of it.

Everything was impeccable as always, and the inclusion of different outcomes helped elevate the game into a new plane, ready to compete with the likes of Mass Effect and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In addition, the optional Strike Force missions gave a new sense of urgency in their unfolding, particularly with the element of how your operatives could not respawn. In addition, it was quite natural that after the last title in the subseries used the 1960s as a backdrop for its narrative, that the flashback sequences would use the '80s, given the similar circumstances.

In many ways, BO2 became a turning point. From here on out, a new generation of consoles would be utilized and end up as the primary workhorse, and the move was heading towards a new development cycle. In many ways, this game is the last of this era, with Ghosts as the transition into the next.

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