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BO4 the good, the bad - your first impression


So I would like to hear from you guys what your first impressions are of BO4.
Myself, I have been playing Call of Duty games since MW1 and all the way up to BO3, and skipped Infinite Warfare and WWII. So my first impression is: God I missed the COD pacing. I have been playing the beta on PC. So for your impression/observations please state the system you are playing on PC/PS/XBOX/...

Here are my impressions/observations. First the good:
  1. It seems like they decreased the random bullshittery explosions. The Kills streaks seem to be more normal like MW2 and 3. People use less explosions.
  2. The pacing
  3. Performance. I only had 1 FPS dip when a kill streak and a special were used together on my screen. The rest runs smoothly! However I got a very good PC (I7 8700k @4.5ghz all core, GTX1080, 32 gig RAM) so this actually shouldn't happen on a game like COD. I am wondering what your experience is, also on other systems/consoles.
  4. Weapons seem to be balanced, however I haven't unlocked everything yet.
  5. Class building. I like the fact that you only have 10 points and that you have to choose where to invest.
The bad:
  1. Spawning to be killed 0.5 seconds later from the back plainly sucks.
  2. Class specific abilities. This is mostly personal preference but I dislike the class abilities. COD should be all about gun-play (okay, and kill streaks) but some of these classes have almost nothing to do with skill, especially the ruin ability. Run around a corner and smash the ground, everything dies.
  3. Graphics. Its 2018 but this game looks as if its from 2010. They could have upped it to 2015 for accessibility reasons.
  4. Server performance. Maybe its just me but I have the feeling that the server tic-rate is like 12 or something. Enemy movements look jittery sometimes even teleport-ish. And of course a ping of +50 with such a fast paced shooter?
    1. Carlos did post a video of Drift0r in another post which is covering this in more depth (Carlos' post about tic-rate and server performance)
So those are my first impressions and observations. I am curious as to what your impressions are!
Agreed on excellent performance in BO4, but I dont like the bullet sponge time to kill at all. And hardcore sadly has no configuration options. Also the hacks will probably be a problem soon with that game. We need the enjoy the game before they get bad.

The servers are servicable. At least Blackout is not peer2peer. Overall I still like CoD4 a lot beter after like 20 years :D

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