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C0D scoring unfair.

Jul 16, 2016
I've been Loyal to the COD franchise for a long time. And there is one thing I always hoped would get fixed but never has. This game which, pits team against team (except for free for all), actually encourages selfish play by scoring a person's individual achievements unfairly. Let me explain. There's been times when playing objective games like hard point, domination, etc. Where I've noticed that the person who actually contributed almost nothing to the game score, achieved a first place ranking simply because of their personal score. For example: johndoe1 goes 54 and 40 with 1 capture and 6 defends in Domination and gets first place. Meanwhile, johndoe2 goes 30 and 34 with 11 captures and 13 defends and gets forth place. In this case johndoe2 obviously did much more for the team than did johndoe1, since kills do not count towards the game score. Only towards the player's personal score. Because of this type of ranking system, many players would rather get a high personal score than win the game. In other words, it encourages people to play selfishly, destroying team spirit, and creating a loser mentality. Of course this does not apply to Team Deathmatch and Free for all, as a good personal score in these two game modes would surely be necessary. What I would like to see is ranking according to how much a player actually did to win the game. Not according to their personal scores. Thoughts?

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