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Multi Call Of Duty Blackout - 37k Discord Server - Looking For Players / Tournaments / Beta / Giveaways / Rewards

Join - https://discordapp.com/invite/Cpn5HvR

Battle Royale Gaming started in October of 2017 and ever since it started, we have striven to be the best; we now have over 37,000 members.

We first started off 100% dedicated to Fortnite and only recently have we started to slowly expand on to new games. Over the past few months, we have been dedicated to keeping the community hyped, fun, interactive and safe.

Battle Royale Gaming includes members from all over the world and the sole purpose of this server is to provide a platform for Battle Royale gamers to find people to play with. After a while, we realized that this was not enough and that our members deserved more.

Our server has active and sufficient staff members who are always there to help the community and we ensure that our members are always in a safe, fun, and interesting environment.

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