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Call Of Duty Vanguard - Archon Easter Egg - Kortifex Boss - Easy & Quick Guide To Survive,Do The Mechanics, And Win

The main mechanic to remember about this boss fight is to pay attention and watchout for orbs. If you do this you wll survive and beat this. Use the shield on spawning enemies to quickly eliminate them and continue the boss fight.Keep your shards ready and stocked, by that i mean the blue ones the plants spit out. It makes the boss fight quicker if you have them on hand to keep knocking his shield down and keep him from regenerating health.If you do all that, the boss fight will go quick and easy.The orbs are what wipe and prevent most people from beating this though. I managed to do this solo even in team mode and beat the boss using a crappy widowmaker which took forever. Even if everyone leaves you yes every thing stays same meaning more zombies and so forth.My stream messed up i was mad of me soloing it in team mode. A little advice do not try to take on this boss using any wonder weapon whatsoever.That was why it took so long in solo and i got stuck with only weapon in boss fight which was a widowmaker and my wanderwaffe or whatever its called..I managed to get WanderWaffe or whatever you call it for first time ever out of a mystery box on The Archon and forgot to grab another weapon before going in boss fight on team mode and found out hard way how crappy wonder weapons are against boss. The widowmaker was only gun in the boss area and it was semi shotting only and on EPIC yet took forever to kill boss with it lol.You do want shield though for the enemies to clear them quick to get back to killing boss. I recommend using Epic Or Legendary gun bought off wall or out mystery box.The best for boss fight would be any LMG that meets those tiers. Barracuda near blue fountain works good on boss. Im about to do a stream eventually on SOLO with Rampage Inducer if it will let me in solo mode if not ill do it team mode Solo for challenge if it will let me.Im certain it will since i was able to unlock it doing the method to unlock Rampage Inducer solo before just never used it in Vanguard Zombies yet.The hardest part about this is really team mode trials before boss fight. Because your teammates can easily mess trials up for you especially memory chalenges and you wanna get that out way at low rounds as possible.Ive only managed to do it once with team solo, they all left at boss fight made no sense how i got stuck doing boss fight in team mode with more zombies and like i said your team leaves it doesent change anything just cause your there alone everything stays same as if they were. Anyways ive beaten this boss alot hes not as hard as he looks.

View: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1593757117

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