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Calling all hardcore zombies Easter Egg hunters

The evidence is there, the clues are there, and the pieces are there, WE the community just need to put it all together. The DEV's have told us repeatedly that there is more to the Tranzit Easter Egg. A halo easter egg was just found after a team spent 7 YEARS trying to find it. This isnt over! I can't wait for the possibilities 2015 zombies will bring us but until then we MUST find what Tranzit has been keeping from us . GOOD HUNTING FRIENDS . Add me on PS3 Frizzy253 and ikill_you_1980


Tranzit has never really been my favorite map since I find it so difficult to reach high rounds on. I was never able to find many of the easter eggs, but I'm sure that they are there waiting for me somewhere. I liked how you could travel around the map on a bus, but the upgrading machine was incredibly hard to access and usually resulted in me dying pretty quick in the early rounds. I prefer the Buried or Origins maps over Transit, but I like the smaller maps that are offshoots of the larger Tranzit map.


I have tried and tried so many times to complete the entire story. I really enjoy YouTube conspiracy theories about the subject. I love how certain parts require a large amount of teamwork, but that also becomes a huge problem when playing with randoms online.

At the same time, it is really frustrating to play for hours and then have all of your progress lost.

I really love making the portals, once you figure that part of the map out things become so much easier. I printed out maps with item locations to make it a little easier, but I find myself constantly getting lost in two particular foggy areas. The cornfield is one and the random house is the other.

How far have you gotten on the Easter Egg story line?

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