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Can’t Access Campaign, Multiplayer or Co-Op

I have purchased COD Modern Warefare on PS store maybe a year ago. Back then i downloaded the game and all the add ons. I was able to play everything. I stopped playing it for a while and have also purchased A physical copy of Van Guard and played it.

Few days ago, I decided to play Modern warfare and when i click on campaign or Multiplayer or Co-Op i get “Missing DLC bla bla bla” when i click to open the store to download then missing packs i get something like “Store not available”

Anyway I deleted the whole game and started redownloading it from my library (playstation library) i downloaded all the available addons and the game itself (please check the screenshots https://bit.ly/3IcQV26 )

When i open Modern warfare with online connection i have two options either to download warzone caldera or to buy modern warfare 2!
When i go offline i have three options either to download warzone caldera or to buy moder warfare (which i already own and have downloaded!) or to go to COD Store.
(Please check the screenshots https://bit.ly/3IcQV26 )

If i open Van Guard offline and choose to play Modern Warfare instead it closes Van Guard and launches Modern Warfare warzone (Im not sure which version of warzone though)

How can i play Modern warfare campaign or Multiplayer or co-op?

Thanks for reading please advice


Staff member
Choose a game you want to play.

Modern Warfare, Vanguard, AND Modern Warfare II all share the same engine, the same codebase, so the integration breaks the code sometimes. So there's a bug here, there's a bug THERE, there's a bug here... tripped wires.

So, I always suggest people to choose one game starting with Modern Warfare (2019) onwards. Because they're not gonna fix this. Its been 4 years, and they can't fix their ideas of intertwined games.

For example, Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2 is treated as "the same game." They didn't separate both games like they said they would, and we're suffering from it.

My brother is on the other side, and when a big update arrives, like Season 2 came out. My brother is trying to update Warzone 2, but is told to buy Modern Warfare II. I fixed it by updating the game via what's called "Call of Duty HQ." In that menu it tells you to install. But this is my point, casuals don't understand this. I was confused at first, but looking around, I found solutions.

Activision needs to simplify things, but they won't.

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