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Can't Play Missing DLC Packs Multiplayer Single Player etc etc


So I am NOOB

Downloaded COD: Warzone so me and my son could enjoy play the PS4 version and its been a 2 week fiasco. He only wanted to play warzone but it prompted me to pay for the COD Modern Warfare. We're able to get to the Warzone page so whatever but now I have the BS error message about DLC packs. I 've spent over $100 trying to purchase and download what I THINK are the required DLC packs but nothing is working.

I saw another admitted noob say he had to activate his Activision Account before it would work so I'll see if that works when I get home from work tonight. What am I missing?

I remember COD being fun when it was PS3 version but PS4 has been a complete nightmare. Graphics look great and people rave about the online play but all I've seen is that, after $100, "Missing DLC Packs, cannot play". Sucks

Anyone have any ideas?


Before I offer an answer, I play on PC and we have a slightly different process to PS4 and XBox players, but there are many on here that will correct me if I am wrong, however with no direct access to a PS4 I can only speculate based on my limited knowledge, but hopefully that might lead you in the right direction.

First theory is drive space, maybe you don't have enough drive space to install all of the content so the game has only installed the most essential parts, it requires something in the region of 200GB free space to install fully.

Second is that console players can choose which parts of the games they do and do not install, it might be possible that the parts you're looking for have been unchecked for installation so the game doesn't install them in the first place.

Thirdly, if your son requires an Activision account to play CoD I am sure that he would have been prompted to create an account before he could get into his first game of Warzone.

Now, if you have an account with Activision and an account with Playstation it might be the 2 accounts are not linked so that activity in 1 is not reflected in the other, so you might just need to put your PS4 account details into your Activision account.

If you are running a physical disc version then the activation key might be registered to the wrong Activision account in which case you might need a new key, but I am not sure how to get this.

It might also be a region issue where you have bought a version of the game that belongs to a different region to the region in which you are playing the game.

Hopefully 1 or more of my thoughts above will help and welcome to the forums, I hope you stick around and that your son gets to enjoy many happy hours of game play.
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