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CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. launches MW4Blog!

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After a successful purchase and launch of MW3Blog.com, I've made a quick decision to get MW4Blog.com - With MW3Blog, I took a really big risk of shelling out $480 to outright buy MW3Blog. It was risky, and I've learned a lot from it. How much traffic it's worth, and how many keywords it can attain. The site, in one and a half short years, it's gained...

167,852 total visitors
144,954 unique visitors
198,589 pageviews

MW4Blog will surpass these numbers. Technically, I bought MW4Blog in mid-2011 because I know just how much traffic MW3Blog has gained. It would've been stupid if I didn't bank on it. This time around I only spent $10.89 for the domain. I've also taken the opportunity a few months later to get mw4blog.net to prevent the competition from trying to eat that MW4 pie.

So, welcome MW4Blog to the Call of Duty Network! :)

Just an FYI, I will continue to renew MW3Blog until I feel that it's time to let it go. A few months ago, it has become the first inductee in the CarlosX360 Hall of Fame.

About CarlosX360 Co. Ltd:
CarlosX360 is a global gaming network of brands and products delivering content to gamers worldwide. It is an incorporated company based in Northern California that intends to be an global entertainment corporation. CarlosX360 delivers content to Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3 gamers worldwide at www.carlos360.com To learn more about CarlosX360 visit its corporate home at www.carlosx360.com


grats man thats good work there. i just got a moderator position at a xbox forum i frequent, hopefully one day i can run sites myself!
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