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Xbox Live Cheating

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I just want to know why 95% of the people qho play COD Ghost cheat. And nothing is done about it. I could be like others and download hacks to help me cheat, but unlike so many of you I don't cheat and hate peoe that do. I've reported players and still see them, so that's how I know that it is useless to report players. I like COD and have just about all of them. Black ops 3 is a joke 98% of people on that game are cheating. Seen it first hand so have my friends. That was a waste of money.


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Infinity Ward and Treyarch needs more than just one report about cheating. I feel the same thing that you do about this problem, it's a persistent problem, and I think that they are trying their darnest to curb cheating.

Ghosts has its set of problems, including glitching, exploits, and yes, spawn trapping... But, it's useless to fix Ghosts today. Black Ops 3 on the other hand, they've been trying to patch the game over and over again till to this day. Problem is, they haven't done anything about the cheaters that still run rampant of Black Ops 3.

Ghosts is a good game, just that it needed a little bit more polishing to make the game "better."

I am on PS4, and I see cheating 98% of the time. I'm not worried about losing, I am more worried about the fair playing field. I don't want to have to sit at a TV, and be bombarded with stupid cheaters every single fucking time. God.
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