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Choose CODForums future skin.

Which skin do you want on CODForums?

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Okay, we're close to Call of Duty's next big release, Advanced Warfare on November 3rd/4th respectively. I've been thinking about celebrating Advance Warfare's release with a new skin. However, I can only buy one skin. And I've narrowed down to two skins that may make you interested in staying here at CODForums and posting more.

#1. Core [There's a Dark theme with it.] - This is a popular skin that's being used in a lot of gaming skins out there right now. The only thing I don't like about it is the black color hues. I like the current skin's black color hues, but I want to allocate this skin to another Call of Duty site (I have two more domains dedicated to Call of Duty, one is currently in development stages).

#2. Tactical [There's a Borderlands bg in this one.] - Newly released, and designed by one of the most well known [gaming] skin creators.

I can modify both skins to look like a Call of Duty skin, so don't even worry about that. As a matter of fact, here's an example of core on a TitanFall community...

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