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Angels of Death

Multi Clan and Team


Hey guys, so I've thought for a while to start a cod mw team and haven't had luck getting members who will join me, and a friend told me to try here so here goes nothing if you are interested in joining please fill out this info and send it to the email listed below

Edit: please don't comment with sarcasm or contact me with things not pertaining to this thank you

Game id/tag-



Reason you want to join-

Pref. Game mode-

Pref Style(rush, sniper, ect.)-


that's about all if you have any questions or anything of that sort be free to also email i check email twice a day mid morning and mid afternoon note that you don't have to be good as there will be a lot of practice, also note that there are clan ranks and they can be earned with some work put in

Angels of Death

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Angels of Death