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Tactical Gaming



Competitive? High IQ? New? Willing to learn?

Hey, I was thinking of creating a clan, but not willing to do so without your help. I've been playing COD for maybe 2 months now, and have noticed that I've gotten pretty good will gaining an amount of game IQ. I know, 2 months isn't long, but here's something about me that might encourage you to join me and my quest for greatness.
  • I've been a PC Gamer since 2006, started off with CS 1.6, CSS(CEVO, CAL-M), and have been played FPS's ever since.
I'm creating a clan.. GREAT! What are my goals for this clan though?
  • Positive gaming environment with a competitive edge
  • ELEAGUE GAMER STATUS? Ehhh Lets start off with the Clan name first
  • A group of gamers that can play together for the years to come!

  • Console, PC, it doesn't matter, we're gonna play.
  • Age requirement? I get it, COD is played by a lot of kids these days, but please I'm recruiting folks that are mature and take competitiveness to a serious level.
DISCORD - Manith415#4930
ACTIVISION ID - ClapperOfTuNovia#6350412

2020-06-19 (2).png
Stats as of 06/19/2020

Lets destroy our opponents..

Send the request, you won't regret it.

Tactical Gaming

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