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Clan Posting Guidelines - READ

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Mr. Green

1. In order to post a thread, this section requires 5 quality posts. 
If you spammed your way to the minimum post requirement of 5, your posts will be deleted and your clan/group advertisement will be deleted.

2. This section is for Call of Duty clans and groups only. 
We do not allow the advertisements of general gaming communities or forums. If you're advertising a general video gaming forum/community, your thread will be deleted. 

3. One thread per clan. You may bump your thread once every 12 hours. 
Exceedingly bumping your posts will lead to removal of your thread. 

4. You cannot have your clan/group members "bump" your thread. 
Doing so will lead to removal of your thread. 

5. You may NOT advertise your clan/group in another user's clan/group thread.
Doing so will lead to the removal of your post and the possibility of your thread being removed and your account being banned.

6. You may NOT copy and paste another recruiter's thread content into your own.
Don't rip-off other peoples' threads. Create your own, unique thread content. 
Not open for further replies.

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