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Multi Clan Promotion Forum


I been thinking about doing a clan promotion forum. I have had a domain for sometime now. I don't have anything setup yet, just would like to know if something like this would interest people.

Of course it would be a forum to promote your clan. But also promote your YouTube, streams, and social media. And I am open to other things as well. Would be for PC, Xbox, PS, ect. And would be for any game you can think of.

Just an idea and I welcome your comments and suggestions on the project. I also would be looking to get a small team together to help out in areas.


I wanted to point out that I am not looking to make a clan, by editing the first post, but I guess I can't edit it. This is for everyone to promote your clans.
I guess I will bump this to the top one time. See if anyone is interested in a place to promote a clan and get new members. Even promote your clan streams, videos, discord, and so on.

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