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Mobile Clan Recruitment for COD MOBILE


Hi ☺️ I have a level 10, legendary clan. I'm finding it difficult to find members who consistently grind clan wars. We have a few people who are reliable and the potential is there. Last week we won 4 nodes. I am always inviting people to join node matches and it's the same people joining all the time, some people just play on their own and don't get the most out of their daily bonuses. I am always removing people who don't contribute or are inactive for several days, but it's been a tedious process. New people join and maybe 2/5 play regularly. I'm looking for people who care about winning nodes! Also some patience is needed while I continue to build up this clan. You're welcome to invite your friends! We just need maybe 5 more people who are serious about clan wars. The clan name is MAJESTICPRIDE, the level requirement to join is currently 100, but if you're a lower level and are interested in joining, send me a message on here and I will lower it so you can join


Clan Master - karlyও

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