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PSN Coastal Gaming

Whats going gamers? im DONTUMISS co-owner of Coastal Gaming! in need of two or three competitive cod players for BO4. We are sponsored by Kontrol Freek. If your seriously interested feel free to contact me.


Hey, I'm interested in trying out if possible. I do not have any pro experience but have a 1.45 KD and communicate well so I can adapt quickly.


I am interested in trying out for your clan. I have no gamebattles experience, but am a passionate and team-oriented player.


I am intrested as well, i dont have any pro experience, but i have played game battles a bit! I strive to get better everyday! With training and the right guidence i believe i can be a great asset to the team!
Hello, I'm Motionless66 and I'm interested in joining you guys. I've been playing COD since MW3 and currently I've been playing Black Ops 3 till Black Ops 4 releases. I did really well in the Black Ops 4 Beta and experimented a lot so i know some tricks here and there. I'm currently a Master Prestige lvl 213 with a 1.52 K/D ratio, 1.51 W/L ratio, and 332 SPM. I've completed Hero Gear and Dark Matter challenges legitimately. I do have some experience in the Arena but i do not have experience with Game Battles. I am usually an OBJ Slayer but can adapt to other roles if needed. I am naturally competitive but i keep my head cool. I hope to hear from you soon.


im interested in your team, my user is psn. hit me up for a tryout

mainly a comp player, but just made the switch to ps4 to get more serious into it

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