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COD Keeps Crashing to desktop

I enter a game of warzone and about 5-10 minutes after i start playing the game crashes to my desktop with no error codes. I'm newer to computers so I really have no idea. Help please!

I enter a game of warzone and about 5-10 minutes after i start playing the game crashes to my desktop with no error codes. I'm newer to computers so I really have no idea. Help please!
i would go into general tab by the bottom in game turn on all your options as in GPU heat CPU heat packet loss . see what it is doing, if nothing there weird going on i would make sure you have latest graphics driver, whats your pc specs etc.


Translated from Spanish:
I have the same mistake if you managed to fix it, could you tell me how?
¿Has intentado usar el menú del juego, en la pestaña general en la parte inferior de la pantalla principal, activa tus opciones de calor GPU, calor de la CPU, pérdida de paquetes, etc...

A continuación, comprueba si esto soluciona el problema.

Además, si nos puede decir acerca de su PC que ayudaría, puede obtener información del sistema de DXDIAG, haga clic en inicio, escriba DXDIAG y haga clic en el icono que nos viene a abrir esto.

Ayudaría si supiéramos qué hardware está utilizando, es decir, qué:


Placa base si se conoce

Cuánta memoria (RAM) ha instalado

*** English Text below ***

Have you tried using the in game menu, under the general tab at the bottom of the main screen turn on your options for GPU heat, CPU heat, packet loss etc...

Then check to see if this fixes your issue.

Also if you can tell us about your PC it would help, you can get system information from DXDIAG, click start, type DXDIAG and click the icon that comes us to open this.

It would help if we knew what hardware you are using, ie, what:

Motherboard if known
How much memory (RAM) you have installed


ya he hecho lo que recomendó y sigo con el problema, estas son las especificaciones que solicito:
-CPU: Intel Core i7 (7th Gen) 7300HQ / 2.8 GHz.
-GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
-desconozco la Motherboard
-RAM: 12288

si conoce alguna otra solución no dude en dármela por favor.


*** Español ***

Su sistema cumple con los requisitos del sistema para ejecutar el juego, con un GTX1050 usted debe ser capaz de lograr una buena velocidad de fotogramas utilizando GeForce Experience para optar por la configuración del juego para usted.

Si sólo está sucediendo con Call of Duty: MW entonces usted podría probar la opción de juego de reparación, usted encontrará que aquí:

*** English ***

Your system meets the system requirements to run the game, with a GTX1050 you should be able to achieve a good frame rate using GeForce Experience to optmise the game settings for you.

If it is only happening with Call of Duty: MW then you could try the repair game option, you will find that here:

CoD MW Repair.jpgCoD MW Repair.jpg

*** Español ***

También comprobar que tiene los últimos controladores nVidia, mi juego comenzó a cargar con una pantalla negra justo después de nVidia actualizó los controladores de gráficos, pero después de reparar la instalación y actualizar mis controladores todos los trabajados como antes, actaully un poco mejor como mi fps promedio subió de alrededor de 75 fps a 85 fps.

*** English ***

Also check you have the latest nVidia drivers, my game started loading with a black screen just after nVidia updated the graphics drivers, but after repairing the installation and updating my drivers every worked as before, actaully a bit better as my average fps went up from around 75 fps to 85 fps.


Sorry, not sure why the picture appears twice, if Carlos would be kind enough to fix it please.

Also, Jefry17, please translate posts to English to increase the response rate, the Forum rules here are to post in English only.



I have the same problem :(
As above there are two things you can try:

First, update everything, make sure you have the latest Windows updates and graphics driver updates.

Then repair installation following the screenshot I posted above.

Post here if you need help with updating Windows or graphics drivers.

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Mine crashes sometimes and I have to delete and reinstall all the direct x drivers in order to get it working again. Make sure you update Nvidia drivers and any other graphical drivers. Update the computer, delete unnecessary files, use CCCleaner, or clean your computer with other like apps. Worst comes to worst, reset your computer.
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