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COD Leaks and Media Speculation

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Apparently, as May has gone by without any official confirmation of what the upcoming title is (suggesting that the reveal won't be until E3), apparent leaks seem to have emerged, letting the press run wild with speculation.

The main focus, of course, is the apparent Modern Warfare 4, because of certain developments. Apparently several former Infinity Ward staff members, who left with Jason West and Vince Zampella to form Respawn, have come home to IW. These particular figures are Zied Rieke, Mark Grisgsby, Joel Emslie, Geoffrey Smith and Alex Roycewicz. In addition, there is a report that former members of Naughty Dog were brought on board to assist with the narrative of the game, which in the latest apparent leak to Kotaku, states that the game will be a "soft reboot" of the MW series, that will "potentially draw on some of the more problematic source material as part of its narrative...heavy on troubling, realistic moments." Which of course, naturally brings out people complaining that the original games, particularly "The Coup" in MW1 and "No Russian" in MW2, were elements that had no redeeming value, made purely for shock value, and so on and so forth, as well of questions what this means in terms of where it will fit in the canon of the original games.

But rumors are also flying about the 2020 title, with a report stating that Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software suddenly developed massive problems in their relationship (and the loss of certain Sledgehammer higher ups, resembling the IW-Respawn schism), threatening to derail the game. Allegedly, Treyarch has come in to help finish the title, and thus the game, supposedly set in the Cold War, has been repurposed to be Black Ops 5, which thus many people are saying said title's development will be "super rushed."
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