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COD2 In-Depth Review


When COD 2 came out in 2005, many people were anxious to see if lightning would strike twice. Lo and behold, they gave the title a rapturous reception, and considered it miles above what the first game had done. As the first game with a new proprietary in-house engine (that was still based on id Software's tech), a Halo-like health regeneration system, and expanding the scope of the game to feature the war in North Africa, it was clearly going to new and familiar at the same time.

As before, the game is excellent in its gunplay, physics, environments, effects and acting, but somewhat more detailed. The experience of the first game allowed Infinity Ward to polish and refine the features to ensure that players could feel more at ease with the experience. In addition, as the first main title for consoles and a launch title for the Xbox 360, it ensured that no one was going to be left out of the experience this time around.

This game is certainly a must-have, that still holds up after more than a decade.

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