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PC Cod2 [UDSSR] Clan



[UdSSR] Clan / Community. Is gaming " International" organization in " Call of Duty 2 " Only ( PC ) / community that is looking for gamers! [UdSSR] participates in tournaments such as CG / as well participates in many normal standard / pcw's for fun. We are pretty much active with plenty of members & Activity on daily basis.

Requirements to join:

- A fun sense of humour / + Mature / Having an act together.
Home Page: blizo.de

Server #1: Toujane TDM : ---> connect

Server #2: S&D PAM SD: ---> connect

Server #3: Toujane DM : ---> connect

Server #4: RIFLES DM : ---> connect

Team Speak : ( Not Much Active / Since we use discord )

1.png <----- Click To Connect https://discordapp.com/invite/AEMZ84d

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